Compatibility Issues with ERP Modules

We launched D365 recently. Most of the team memebers are using Chrome, Edge and Firefox to access the tool for usage and different task special working with Dynamics ERP , But after implementing and while using the D365 ERP Module there are lot of page refresh issues. Some time the screen goes blank and sometime the timeline doesn’t work properly. Does anybody else faces the same issues while working with Dynamics.

Hi SPandey01,

I am working on the D365BC from last almost 2 years but never faced such type of issue you are saying, there is no compatability issue there in D365BC. could you please let us know whether it’s On-Prem or SAAS. if it’s SAAS then might be you have first created the trail version and then you purchase the paid license, is’t?

Secondly, Could you please check the browser cookies and history deleted once and then try. also if you are getting the same issue again and again then please use the Sync button on the screen which actually sync allthings into your tenant. if you are getting this issue only in sandbox then I would suggest you to create another sandbox, no need to delete the currentone.

if you face somekind of error saying go to home, then maybe there is any user permission issue which solved by the admin only.