Comparing Dates

Hi All,

I have this

IF (“Starting Date” = WORKDATE) …

and when I want to save this ,pops up this error

"Type conversion is not possible because 1 of the operators contains an invalid type.

Date AND Date"

How can I compare two dates, Should I use FORMAT first and than compare … or there is some other way

Thanks in Advance

Hi Alen,

This should work. Just checked it and did work for me.


Your code above is correct.

Maybe you are comparing two different format of dates! like yyyy-m-d with m-d-yyyy!

you may check if:

-you have set the WORKDATE somewhere in your code… e.g. WORKDATE()

-the date format of your “Starting Date”!

-the default windows format date…

I only restart the client , and tried again and it was working:)


Simplicity isn’t always around [:D]