Company Wise Chart of accounts

Hi All ,

We are implementing MS Dynamics AX 2012 R2 to 4 companies which are located in USA , IND , AUS, SGP in one database.Four companies have the country wise different taxation. Four companies have the same accounts , only taxation accounts will differ.

Each company will have the 10 taxation accounts apart from normal accounts .

For example - Four companies has 90 common accounts and each company has the 10 additional local taxation accounts .

what is the difference between Select the level of main accounts to display (Companies) Vs Suspended in main accounts form ? Do i need to use the both options to maintain the company wise COA ?

Is it possible to hide the company wise taxation accounts at specific company level ?

Thanks in advance.

You can use the ‘Select the level of main account to display’ option to differentiate between these tax accounts per company.

The basic difference is that the former one is used to override the specific data at the company level while the later one is to stop the posting on the GL account. You can read through the following links for more information: