Company Specific Menusuits

Can We Design Company Specific Menu Suits In NAV-2013???

I have Tried According to NAV Classic Version But not getting Result…


There is two company in A database

  1. Company A

2)Compaby B

Company A dont Manufacture and Company B Do

Company B Dont have Job Modula While Company A Have…

need a Help…



Have you tried to setup user profile ?

There is System Tab 2000000061

User Menu Level. By default it is DataPerCompany NO.

You can set this to YES and have a different menu per company.

NO User Profile Setup is Still Remaining… Did You mean that after setting up User Profile we can design have different Menusuits for different Company???

No such Table Avilable in Nav-2013…

Are you having two NAV license ?

Like you said A is manufacturing & B is Job module.

m having Developer Liences