Company Logo on SSRS

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I have created one query based report in that i want to print company logo through display methods i have tried below codes but those are not working,pls help on the code for display method for Company logo

display bitmap companylogo()

{ Bitmap companyLogo()

CompanyInfo companyInfo = CompanyInfo::find()

return CompanyImage::findByRecord(companyInfo).Image;


display Bitmap companyLogo()
return FormLetter::companyLogo();

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Is this for AX 2009 or 2012?

If it’s AX 2009 you need to add the image from Visual Studio for AX SSRS reports.
Go to the top toolbar → Reports → Embedded Images → Pick The Image From The Folder
Then go to “Toolbox” → Add An Image → Properties → Set Image to Embedded → Choose Image in “Value”

Hi all i tried same, but logo is not coming in the query based report by this display method i am using ax 2012 r2

Hi Rohit,

I hope below link will helpful for u .

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