Company Indentification

Is there anyone who would have developped a visual tool that would indicate to the user in which company he or she is in?


Hi Georges, and welcome to forum!

This is one of the “eternal” questions [:D]

If you search forum, you’ll find some solutions, but I’m afraid they’re all applicable to older versions only (before 4, in which Outlook-like navigation pane was introduced).
Main problem is, that its difficult to find a suitable place to display it. Most logical place - window title - for unknown (to me, not being a programmer) reasons can’t be used, there were some approaches using form, but I still haven’t seen a “nice” solution to this rather simple problem…

Let’s see what developers have to say…

UPDATED: Sorry, I didn’t read your post carefully enough - it is Database, not Company, which I wrote about. Company name IS visible by default… [:$]

Doesn’t it say the company name in the top left of the application???

i.e. “Cronus Canada Inc” - Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic

I tried this in 3.7 too and saw that its the same there.

Otherwise you can create a form that cannot be resized, start at maximum and ciontains the companyname, you can do a Form.Run(Form::“My Form”) on the OncompanyOpen fucntion of Codeunit 1.


As tony mentioned in every version (atleast 4 and above) it is mentioned on the top of application in the Left side.

Hi Tony,

Thank you for your suggestion.

Yes, it says the company name in the top left of the application but it is not enough for my client.

They are looking for something that would be more obvious like a change of color in the main screen or any other way to show them that they are in that specific company. They are on NAV 5.0 SP1 so with the Outlook like menu.

They don’t have many companies. Only three for now and they want to be sure that they are not entering data in the wrong company since the users can work in every companies.

If I could change something in the menu, that would do the job I guess. Any suggestions?




This is off the top of my head here…

Create 3 new form objects… Add them to the menusuite but give the caption each of the unique company names.

In the permissions create a new role for each company name that only has the form as you create above in it.

Add it to each and every user, but with a company filter so that only the form with the same company appears.

That way when you log in as a user the menusuite hides the objects you do not have permissions too leaving only the one you do… i.e. the company name…

Its a hack I have not tried, but you could give it a go in theory it should work.