Company deletion


I have created one company by the name of test for testing the transactions.And now i have deleted this test company from the front end but their are transaction(data) in the database which is saw in all tables by running the query select by dataareadid=test.Please suggest me how can i delete this test data from the database as it is increasing the size of database.



If the company was deleted from front end properly, then this job should completely clear out all transactions. In your case, it appears that this job some how must have interrupted.

I never tried this before but you can give this a go -

  1. If there is no company called ‘Test’, create a company called Test.

  2. After creating the company, go to AOT > Classes

  3. Open class called ‘SysDatabaseTransDelete’. It will prompt whether you want to delete all transactional data. Select yes.

But please take a backup of your database before you attempt this. And please try this in a test environment first.


but ‘SysDatabaseTransDelete’ will delete the Transaction data only not the master data also.

After deletion of the company you need to synchronize the database as well.

Administration->Periodic->SQL administration->Table actions->Synchronize database


After deleting the company test i syncrnnize the database but following two error shows:

  1. Cannot execute a data definition language command on ().
    The SQL database has issued an error.

2)Problems during SQL data dictionary synchronization.
The operation failed.

please suggest me the solution.



The error messages you provided here is not detailed enough.

Have a look at Event Viewer in AOS and SQL Server. There you should see the actual table name, details of the error etc. Please post them here.