Company Backup/Restore

I am new to AX 2009 and not familiar with AX 2009 function…

I have multiple companies in one instance but I want to take a backup and restore only one of the compnaies.

Is there any tool in AX 2009?

Thank you,

Under Administration → Periodic → Data export/import - > Definition groups

Create a new definition group and include all tables. This will export a dat and def file.

In your new database - create your company and hit import. (Administration → Periodic → Data export/import - > Import)

Thank you munib for your reply.

I have a question abour your solution.

Is “all tables” for company specific? Which means “all tables” does not contain shared information among all companies?


Default is company specific. On the advance tab you should see an option “Include shared tables”. If you tick this it will load the shared tables too.

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