Companies That Use Axapta

Hi there

I work for a multinational with offices in around 50 countries and 9k employees and some of our sites in the emerging markets are considering rolling out Axapta as the ledger/transaction system, it has already been successfully implemented in a couple of smaller sites.

I have been tasked to investigate generally what scale of company uses Axapta across the entire group or majority of it but can’t find much on Google.

Does anyone have any such info? It would be ideal to have company names to come back to management with but I realise that this may not be freely shared.

Would appreciate any help.



ur company name plz

Approach a partner…

Talk to a partner, they can then disclose the confidential information to you that they are aware of. Some will be case studies, some MS info and others there own reference sites. I work for a partner in the UK if you want to talk to someone send me a message with your details and I will get someone to talk to you.

Thanks, I’ll try to track down the partner that was involved in implementing Axapta at a couple of our smaller sites.

You can also look at Microsoft Case Studies and filter by Dynamics AX and Large Organization, for example.

14500 implementations

Hope ths helps with some company names.