Companies that upgrade to RTC

Hey all,

While I was at Directions I heard of a few companies that upgraded NAV to RTC.

Anyone know who the companies were?


A few? I thought there were hundreds by now. [:O]

Any you would put your name behind?

Dan Brown said some of them do it for a fixed price…


I think what he meant was that some of them quote a fixed price. With form and report transformation I don’t think you should take any fixed price quote seriously.

Exactly why I want a fixed price… Minimize exposure. If its not “We will do XYZ” for “X dollars” then its not a FP… its a T&M. :wink:


You might want to speak with Dave at Liberty Grove software. They’re an upgrade center for NAV.

Thanks Alex!

I did swing LG an email just this morning to ask the parameters of an FP upgrade.


Ah gotcha it was a typo. You actually meant

As in Upgrade centers. I read you as meaning that there were companies (as in endusers) that had upgraded to RTC.

So to answer your question, I would recommend Mark Brummel and/or Liberty Grove.