Companies differences in Nav4

HI guys! I have 2 companies in the same databse: Test 1 and Test 2. Some users need to work on test 1 , other need to work on Test2. 1. Is it possible to change Test1 and add some colors on it like that some users will see where they have to work?? Please tell me how??? ( step by step) Thanks a lot.

Hi Tatiana The two test companies will be using the same objects, so if you change an object, for example colour a field on a form then that will be seen in both companies. You will need to mod the system by changing some forms then depending on the user and the company they are in you could have them looking at different forms. But as I said you will require mods. Cheers Peter

Hi Tatiana I am going to assume that the reason for the two companies is to allow the users to test functionality or even modifications that have been performed. As was said by Peter the two companies are sharing the same objects ie functionlity logic. In a usual testing environment principal ( this is not exclusive to Navision) one would have a completly separate database. It is not a difficult job to create another Navision service if you are running a Native Navision DB or to create another SQL Database if your in the environment. You can copy the “live” company data to the test database on a regular basis to allow folks to test in an almost “real” environment. This allows your users to be confortable in trying/testing new functionality before the functionality is moved to their live environment. There is an excellent document on how to setup multiple services on the other Navision Online forum which is called Mibuso. For SQL you will need to follow the usual SQL database creation/setup instructions. I have all my customers operating in this manner and it works a treat.

Hi Wendy, actually Tatiana has been cross posting here [:(!], and has currently started two unrelated threads answering the same question. I htink actualy she has multiple active companies for her user, and needs it to be clear to them which company they are working in. Tatiana, I think this is a very good example of why cross posting is a bad thing. It just causes confusion.

Finally I convince my customer to use 2 DB ( Test and real one) so this will not be a problem anymore. Thanks Wendy and others for your ideas. David., it was not my intention to do cross posting — Just A MISTAKE-. its can happen. Thanks anyway.

OK, so I guess then that the two questions were unrelated, ut they really did look like the same question [:D]. Then its sort of a little clearer? Still it was very confusing to find out what you were actually trying to achive.