Comobo Box in AX


Please tell me solution for the below requirement.

In the form i have 2 combo boxes. Both have same options.


If i select one option in the above for example say “Furniture stores”, then the second combo box should show me only the remaining three options Retail stores, Wholesalers, Speciality stores like below.


I am not able to able to get solution for the aboce requirement.

Thanks in advance.

— Vij@y

Set the Auto declaration property of the second combo box to Yes.

and in the active method of the form data source (Hoping these two combo boxes are data source fields)

if (table.comboxField1)

combobox2.delete(“first combo box value”); ///combox2 is the name of the second combo box - whose auto declaration property is yes.

Hi Kranthi,

Can you elaborate the same?

I can select any one of list stated in the combo box. Based on selection, I shouldn’t get that selected item in the second combo box.

Example :

Consider any travel site where we can book journey tickets from one place to another place.

We can find in that form like the below example. you can understand my query in the below example


in the above example, we don’t find " hyderabad " option in the second como box.

In the second combo box, we can’t find " Hyderaabd " option as we selected it in the first combo box.

Now you can unnderstand my question.

Have you tried with the above???

Done the above procedure. But not came.