Communication between two databases

Has anybody implemented a central order desk that needs to enquire real time on other Navision databases for prices and than place the orders in those databses? To simplify… The requirement is to communicate real time between two Navision Databases and do updates both ways. The two databases are in the same LAN. We came up with two ideas: 1. Use C-OCX with Navision Standard databases. 2. Use SQL Server databases and define single table views to access the other database. I would appreciate any input, pros and cons, or other ideas on how to accomplish this. Thank you, Carmen

we have a development to connect a sql database with navision via sql. we receive orders via web in the sql database and we have a sql procedure who is launched every 15 minutes in order to update the navision database. we have navision under a sql server. both databases are in different servers of the same LAN. it’s not REAL real time but it works well. the navision users haven’t to do anything, the procedure works for all of us. if it works between a sql and a navision database, i think it’ll work between two navision databases. hope this could be useful. regards from barcelona

Hi Carmen, As far as I know there is a replicator function in the current POS module for Navision. I think you may be able to use it without having to get the entire POS solution. If you are interested I may ask around to give you a definite answer. Also if you will be using Attain 3.60 then you can take advantage of the access by fieldno that is now available and makes reading any table a lot easier and more flexible. One thing you could do is write some codeunits withing Navision that give you the prices in a CSV format for instance. The codeunit you should be running it by using the Navision Application Server. Also if you want to get fancy you could generate XML files (instead of CSV). I have not used that yet but heard is possible [;)] Hope this helped. Cristi Nicola

Hi Carmen, See this one: The complete solution also includes functionality for transforming a sales order to a drop ship purchase order and sending over this purchase order to another database where a new sales order is created (transfering a sales office sales order to a global supply chain sales order). The technology used is the same as described in the topic above. The solution is NOT dependent on the machines beeing in the same LAN or the SQL database, it works in any enviorment.