COMMIT in Hotfix 8 Navision MBS 3.70

In hotfix 8 MBS 3.70 are some COMMIT-statements added. In Codeunit 5763 and in report 5763. In Codeunit 5763 first the salesline and salesheader are updated, after that you find the COMMIT-statement and after that the salesorder will be posted by codeunit 80. If an error occures in Codeunit 80 there is no commit rollback. For instands if you have a shipment that has to be deliverd completely. This check is in codeunit 80. When the error occures the fields qty to ship and qty to invoice are already commited. Same problem in report 5763. In the functions CreateShptHeader and CreateReceiptHeader are also COMMIT-statements added. If you create a shipment the first time it is OK. If you open the salesorder enter an extra item, release the salesorder and create a shipment for the extra item it creates 2 new shipments. In with the item and one with only a shipmentheader. What is the purpose of these extra COMMIT-statements???