Commission setup in AX 2012

Hi all,

Can we have a commission setup in AX 2012 by which we can track all touch points in Sales Cycle starting from Product campaign > Lead Gathering > Prospect > Customer > Order Taking > Final Delivery.

Business case is mentioned below,

For Example

  1. I have 100 leads gathered by 10 Sales Persons.

  2. Out of 100 Leads 10 becomes prospects.

  3. Out of 10 prospects 5 becomes customers & place an order.

  4. There is also a delivery person who is elegible for delivery of that 5 orders.

Now considering this case,can we have a commission setup in AX 2012,so how can we identify the persons (out of 100 leads) which are elegible to get commission starting from who has done campaign ? who has gathered leads ?,who has done Product Demo ?,Who has done negotiation ? Who has done COD ?

If it is not possible in AX 2012 then can it be possible in Dynamics CRM ?

Not possible in AX without modification, no exposure to CRM but doubt it very much.

Thanks a lot Adam

Hi Nithin ,

did find any solution ?


As Adam said, for above requirement we need to do customization.