Commission Setup in AX 2009

Dear Experts,

i need to setup Commission Itemwise on the basis of Different Commission Calculcation…Like for instance i need to create commission where i am paying the broker on INR basis and on the other hand I m paying the broker on % of Gross Amount for the sales.

Please let me know how to achieve this??

Thanks in Advance

Any Updates??

Dear Experts,

Please let me know the any solutions if the above Commission Issue if possible in Standard AX.

Or we need to Customize to achieve the above scenario.

Commission calculation can be on Margin or Revenue where you can exclude or include the discount, with this you can define the commission itemwise by creating commision item groups.

Thanks for the reply Kranthi…

but can you explain me how to apply the same in the transactions as in item wise and broker wise calculation…

for instance : ABC item is been sold by the broker with 5% of Commission…then i need to post SO/PO then how will i go ahead with the same setup…please if you can throw some positive light it will be of great help…thanks in advance

Respected Experts,

Please let me know if the above scenario is Requires any Customization or it can be acheived in Standard AX 2009…

Awaiting your repsones…

Thanks in Advance

Yes you need to customise to handle broker commissions.