I want to be able to calculate a royalty/commission on specific items. The royalty on the sale of one item could be paid to two different salepeople and could be paid at different rates. The royalty/commission could be paid on some items on the same invoice/sale and not on other items on the same invoice/sale. Has anyone come up with a clever way to handle this situation within Navision or am I looking at a modification? Thanks in advance Rob

It is definately custom. Navision allows a Salesperson on an Order, but there isn’t really any commission functionality built in. Commission in general is a fairly large piece of custom (to do it right), so you might want to check with your NSC if they have done it for another client. If they haven’t, I’m sure there are other people (I know of at least one :slight_smile: who have done this that you might want to talk to. Chris.

Hello Robert, I haven’t come accross anything in standard Financials/Attain to accomodate this, though I would be interested in hearing from anyone who does know how to do this if there is a way to do it. In the cases I have come accross, salesperson commission/royalty ledgers have been written (We are currently working a royalty ledger for one of our customers at the moment), so I suspect that you will require some modification work to be done. -------------------------------- Edward Bloomfield Navision Support Consultant Cambridge Online Systems Limited