Commission on Sales Order


Is it possible to see commission on each sales line?

For example, when sales rep creates sales order with 4 different items (sales lines), is it possible for him/her to see commission under each sales line? [^o)]

Thanks a bunch.

Hi Bee,

Select the one item in the saleline → Setup button → Choose SalesTax

But thats sales tax, not commission.

Hi Bee,

I think it is not possible to identify the commission amount on each sales lines without any customization of your system.

If you want to have different commission calculations for each sales line the only thing I could think of is to ‘abuse’ the commission sales groups which you can enter on each sales order line in a way that you get different commission calculations for each SO line but I guess that does not solve your problem because you are still not able to see the commission amount on each line before posting.


No because of all of the setup I believe this was chosen as a posting calculation option - you can decide if the commission is margin or revenue and after or including line discount. Whilst it is not impossible to calculate I believe they decided not to do this, but there maybe development reasons why, after all until it is invoiced there is technically no commission anyway.