Commerce Portals

Hi , Does anybody installed and used NF CommercePortal 2.65? I have problems installing and running it? brgds jem


Does anybody installed and used NF CommercePortal 2.65?

Yes. What’s your configuration and what’s your problem? ------- With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian

I have followed all the instructions, and i still cant start NAS (as service) - gives me error : “Incorrect Instruction”. Even i start it through client (cod6207), the web page gives me an error. Is there sth specific to do with BizDesk?

did you install your message queue correctly jeremy aka lanman life is better simplier

Please double check: - needs msxml 3.0 parser - needs CS2000 sp1 - do not installed Bizdesk before install CS2000 SP1 - Install and run Network driver (with cable attached) or loopback adapter. - create a special administrator account(better not use the built in Administrator) and assign Log On As Service to run NAS service. Include this admin account in NF windows security. goodname