Commerce Portal

I am in the process of setting up Commerce portal for Navision Attain. Installed Navision Attain 3.6, Navision Application Server, Commerce Server 2002, Commerce Portal Components also. However while browsing for the site http://localhost/commerceportal the sytem is throwing an error saying “You have to call a valid site”. This is getting generated from AuthManger in the ASP page i.e. global.asa and default.asp. Can any one help me on this?? Thanks in anticipation. Ram

Hi Ram, You can find a lot of topics regarding Navision Commerce Portal in the Attain/Financials - eCommerce and Internet forum( You may be able to find answers to your question in some of the topics there. Did you sychronisation the Navision tables? [;)] Cheers!

Dear HO, Thanks for the reply. I will go thru the URL reference given. Infact I could find the problem to some extent is that I was trying on Windows 2000 professional platform where as the recommended is Windows 2000 server. I am trying to upgrade and install the system. Thanks Ram