Commerce Portal with SQL synchronization

Hi, I´posting for the first time, so maybe the question is a little stupid … but. I´ve installed Commerce Portal 3.60 with: SqlServer 2000 SP1 CommerceServer 2002 I´ve lanuched the pup files, but when I´trying to make the first (manual) synchronization from Attain I get always 1900 error (in the error queue) referencing the table CatalogManager (which as a matter of fact does not exists). I wonder why the navision pup file doesn´t create this table … Thanks a lot for any advice … Walter Pircali

Hi again, to better describing the problem I found that the tables NCP*** and CatalogManager are not created in SQLserver. I don’t know if this is a problem of the pup packages, a problem of the manual (forced) synchronization or of the internal procedures of the navision database. With version 3.10 all goes perfectly … Thanks again