Commerce Portal, will it be discontinued?

Hi everybody, I heard rumours that CP could be discontinued. This would be proved by the fact that there have been no improvements at all in this module in Navision 4.00 Does anybody of you have different news? By the way, did anybody of you have a good experience with CP, and would suggest it to others? Any Success Story?

Officially it is still supported, but CP is not on the 4.00 product cd. Draw your own conclusions from that.

I did get CP up but it did not fulfil expected, so I will say don’t badger. There was a error in a ASP Script… with the location of the page… Read careful error in a IE then move jour default page location to the appropriate place. (that was my problem) But I think you need CG if you mean to work wit it… CP is silly nonactive page, just for reading only specific materials… CG is much more