Commerce Portal Synchronization

Hi, When I try to synchronize the Item-table, every thing seems to be all right from Navision. In the table Synchronized Message Queue, the records are deleted and after some seconds all records are removed. My problem is when I go to the SQL Enterprise Manager and try to find the table COMMERCE_ITEM in the database NCPI_commerce I cannot find it. When I try to synchronize eg. the vendor or customer table, the tables are inserted. Is there anyone, who can give me a hint. Best regards Preben

Hi, Commerce Portal does not create COMMERCE_ITEM table. Instead, the Items are inserted in the base Commerce Server tables. Try to look for the Commerce Server object. I don’t remember the exact name of the table.

The Items are stored in the Product Catalog table. Usually something like NCPI_Commerce_ProductCatalog.

Hi, I’ve problem with Synchronization. I get a Mesg. in my ‘Event Viewer’. “Synch. Queue Label” problem. I checked : 1. Navision Server - Up& Running 2. NAS - Up& Running 3. Message Queue Service-Up& Running (Full Control on all queues to everyone.) 4. SQL Server is also up & running. 5. Nav. Comm. Port. Synch. Serv-Working fine. All Services are running on Admin. A/c. Problem Area: When I run “Force Synch”,after completing process, i don’t get confirmation message of same. On Restarting System, Synch. Queue lable problem occurs and event is recorded. After Unpup,when tried to open page get message related Error 26(Notified Synch. Problems Error). Any suggestions please. Regards

Take a look in the MSMQ Private Queue. If everything is on the same server you will have the following 4 queues: Repqmq, Synchmq, Errormq, and Jobmq (or something like that). If the environment is scaled with two servers, i.e. Commerce Server on one and Navision Server on another, then the Jobmq will be on the NAS machine. I suggest that you first confirm that you have all of these queues. If so, there are a number of registry keys that define the labels of the queues that you are using. I would then confirm that these are all correct.

I was able to solve the problem by reinstalling NAS. Just for Info. that all Servers were installed on one Machine and all queues existed. The error was related to NAS. Regards