commerce portal site errors

Hi all I have an installation of MS Commerce Server 2000 and Commerce Portal for Navision 3.10 When trying to access the CP site for the first time, I got the following error message in my browser: Commerce.AuthManager.1 (0x80070057) AuthManager(CommerceServer): You should call ‘AuthManager::Initialize()’ method with a valid site-name, before calling any other AuthManager API. /CommercePortal/global.asa, line 76 I took a look in the global.asa file and changed the string ‘Application(“MSCSCommerceSiteName”)’, standing there as a parameter for Initialize(), to ‘CommercePortal’ because it is the real site name. I made the analogous modifications in some other asp-files also. Now I get another error in another frame: Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A01A8) Object required: ‘Application(…)’ /CommercePortal/customermain.asp, line 65 which led me to conclusion that the Application(’…’) properties are constantly unavailable to the VB-script for some reason. I’m just wondering if anybody has encountered this problem, and what it may be?

But even this error usually indicates that You specified the wrong local path for the default web site when You unpacked the pup-file /Lars

You could open de Global.asa file in a text editor and take a look at line 76. Maybe you can find out what’s going wrong if you know which command it programmed there. Maybe…

To Lars → What local path you are talking about? When I unpacked the pup-file I only leaved the default values for IIS virtual directories under its default web site: CommercePortal and CommercePortalBizDesk. I have just repeated the unpacking, checked for all choices and there were no more related ones… To Emiel → There is a call for Application(“MSCSCommerceSiteName”) in global.asa, line 76. There are also calls for other properties of Application. I wrote about this, read my first post till the end… I am sure that many people have seen that problem. Can anybody tell me a different possible cause?

Look for csapp.ini It should look something like this: SiteName=CommercePortal AddressKeyName=CommercePortal RelativeURL=CommercePortal Path=c:\inetpub\wwwroot\CommercePortal AbsoluteURL=//MyComputerName/CommercePortal PackagePath=C:\Program Files\Navision Attain\Commerce Portal\pup\CommercePortal2002.pup Look at “Path=”. Do You have a correct line there? //Lars

Hi Lars, this is what I have in the csapp.ini SiteName=CommercePortal AddressKeyName=CommercePortal RelativeURL=CommercePortal CreatedBy=Author CreatedDate=1999.04.02 00:00:00 Version=4.0.0000 That’s for now. This site was unpacked from the pup-file supplied with Attain 3.10. I have also the latest version 3.60. Maybe I should try it…