Commerce Portal Setup

I must say I am having an absolute nightmare trying to get Commerce Portal working. The manual “Installation & System Management: Ecommerce Solutions” doesn’t really tell me anything useful. So far I have the following installed on my test system. Windows 2003 Server (Standard) Microsoft SQL 2000 (SP3) MS Commerce Server 2002 (SP1) Navision Attain 3.60 GB Client Navision Application Server (installed from the 3.60 CD) Navision Commerce Portal Web Integration Components IIS & Windows Message Queuing Services. When I force the Synchronisation from Navision, everything appears to be working okay. I don’t get any error messages but when I look at the SQL Database, nothing has been created. I am trying to find the message queues in Computer Management but they are not there? Am I looking in the wrong place? Does anyone have any good reference material for Navision Commerce Portal?

  1. Check the setup for the NAS in Navision - you need a MSMQ label for Request, Reply and Error. You also need a reference to the registry key where these labels resolve to a MSMQ Queue (Software\Navision\Commerce Portal) 2. Check to see that the MSMQ queues are setup 3. Check to make sure that hte MSMQ queues are named properly in the registry