Commerce portal - No reply from Navision error

Hi All, I am running commerce portal on a win2k server located in DMZ. My NAS/ database server, also win2k, is located in internal network. MY current setup is working properly as far as the synchronization is concerned. But, I am trying to migrate my NAS/ database server onto a new, faster server. After changing all required registry entries to point to the right message queues, I do a full synchronization. Then, when I try to put an item into the shopping cart using the website, I get “no reply receive from Navision” error. There is nothing logged in the event logs of either server. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?? Thanks in advanced. Jamal

One thing I’ve seen is that the Application Server service needs to be started AFTER the synchronization service. Each time I reebot I have to restart the Application Server. Maybe it’s possible to control the startup sequence of service with a register hack?

I stopped and restarted the NAS but its still failing. Is there a way I could turn off that generic error in commerce portal page and see what exactly is failing? Does anyone have a procedure written for setting up commerce portal and NAS or steps to take document that I could borrow and make sure I am not forgetting any configurations? Thanks Jamal

You need to follow Navisions script (in the manual). But theres a lot of things to check that isn’t written in the manual. The most important thing is to be very careful and check the event log for each step You take so no service generate any errors. Make sure the app.server can log in since it uses windows authentication. It’s also important to run You services with the correct user that has the priveligies needed. Sorry to say, but there’s a great deal of trial and error. Not as straight forward as we are used to with Navision’s products.

I do not have any scripts to follow. Where can I get one? My solution provider gave me a setup document and it does not go into details nor has any section for trouble shooting. I have been checking the event logs at every step on both servers, but there was nothing. After I tweeked the Global.asa and error.asp files, I got the following error logged under Commererce Server’s Appliction Events: ________________________________________________ Bibliocentre *HTML/ASP Error Type: *Page: /bibliocentre/error.asp *File: *Line:0 0 *Note: Set Application(MSCSEnv) = DEVELOPMENT to turn on client error messages. *Note: Please see error.asp to further customize error messages. _______________________________________________ My MSCSEnv is already set to DEVELOPMENT . I have journaling enabled on all the private queues on both servers but I do not see any thing coming on the Application server. I do see ‘SYNCHRONIZATION’ messages on the queues located on commerce portal server everytime I force a synchronization. I also saw the follwoing warning on the new NAS server: "The Message Queuing service has insufficient privileges to create audit log messages. " I am willing to try. I just do not know what else to try… I am really stumped.

Hi, Following is the possible solution as mentioned in Channel readiness kit. “No reply from Navision” Error Message. The error message you are most bound to encounter when developing a site is “No reply from Navision”. Answer Unfortunately, that message does not give you a precise description of what caused the error. So, your job is to figure out why Navision is not replying. This is not an easy task. The following are meant to give you some hints on what may have gone wrong. · You get the error message during setup. If you encounter the error message during setup of this environment it is most likely that the installation is not correct. Please refer to Chapter 6 “Maintaining Commerce Portal” in the Commerce Portal training material for a description of how to debug this type of error. · You get the error message for no reason at all. If you are changing areas in the ASP pages this does not have anything to do with the communication. You can check the job and reply queue to see if there are any messages stuck there. If this is the case, purge the jobs in the queue. You may also have to restart the Navision Application Server service and the Navision Commerce Portal Synchronization service. · Errors related to XML. When you build an XML document make sure that all required elements are included with the required values. If this is not the case it will produce an error in Commerce Portal and it will therefore not reply. You can use the debugger in the graphical Navision Application Server client (provided with this kit) to track the missing element or value. Once in a while there is a detailed error description in the event log. Best Regards, Harmeet Singh

Try to empty the shopingbasket in the Bizdesk app. This error can ocoure then where is a product that only exist in the Commerceserver SQL database and not in the navision database.