Commerce Portal Installation - Other applications

Hi guys So far for Commerce portal 3.10 installation, the sequence of all installations (IE, SQL, CS2K, SP2 etc) is very important. But if the Client has other applications running on that machine(e.g. Antivirus, office, pcanywhere etc.) do they affect the Commerce Portal installation? Moreover, what is the general guidelines for all these other applications. Should they be installed after Commerce Portal is running fine … or it does not affect the CP installation as long as we follow the CP components sequence. Also, after the CP installation, if everythign is running well except the job queue, what could possibly be the reason. All of these scenarios are for single stand alone machine. I would greatly appreciate if you could reply at your earliest as I have to get back to the client ASAP. Thnx Rubina

I have had the same problem. It was solved by re-installing the NAS server. The NAS server implements the jobqueues. Peter Dam Peter Dam TRIM·IT Development A/S

By the way. To my knowledge, the other applications should not affect the Commerce Portal installation. Peter Dam TRIM·IT Development A/S