Commerce Portal in NAV 5.0

I am in the process of upgrading to 5.0. We have been using Commerce Portal and intend to use it for another year before switching to something else. I have move all the code into 5.0 but have recently discovered there is no option when installing NAS to install the commerce portal piece. I generally know that this missing step installs CPTimer.dll and CPHandler.dll, registers these .dlls and sets up 4 registry entries. Does anyone have Commerce Portal running in NAV 5.0 yet?

commerce portal was discontinued in 4.0

The last version of NAV that had a supported version of Commerce Portal was 3.7, I don’t know how you could make it work at all.

Hi Jonas

One eCommerce that works withe NAV 5.0 is from Scriptserver. If you need information just say.


Has anyone used Sharepoint to interface to NAV with relation to Portals?

Define “portals” please? NAV has a (very limited) sharepoint integration called Employee Portal.