Commerce Portal e-Mail Setup

Well, after days I finally have CP 3.10B up and running! I feel sorry for anyone who is about to try and sympathize with those that have succeeded. Any chance that someone knows the steps to configuring th outgoing e-mail (for notifications) properly? I’ve got my NAS user set-up on outlook, from which i can send mail, but notifications don’t get sent? Any tips would definitely be appreciated. Thanks, john [:p]

Hi I’m one of those You should feel sorry for and hopefully soon sympathize with. I’m doing some elaboration with CP3.60 and are have one little problem with syncronization that bugs me. I have problems with syncronization and gets a warning in the event log when starting the syncronization service. The error id in the eventlog is 0. No problem pushing items over to Commerce Server, but request from Commerce Server is stuck in the job queue. Queues are defined correctly and NAS has no problem communication with the Navision Database. Did You have this problem? If so. How to resolve it? Regards //Lars

Dont know if you solved this, but the NAS service should be logged on using an account (userid/domain) and you must make sure that when you log in to the PC as this account, the Outlook is set up on this account. In other words the NAS must log on using the same User ID whose profile contains the e-mail setting. Can anyone tell me for SURE whether MS Exchange is a MUST for the Commerce Portal? I seem to be able to do fine without it, but the NTR says MS Exchange is a MUST for the CP…

Can it be Outlook Express? Or, do I need to install Outlook itself?

I solved my problems. It lookes like the app.server service needs to be started after the synch. service. Then it works fine. When it comes to mailing, Navision said the same thing about emailing from HotCopy. It turned out that Outlook wasn’t needed. Instead it was important to have a profile and run the server with correct userid. On the server I did this NT4 was the case, and there it was the old Windows messaging Client. Worked just fine.

Lars Westman could you tell me how to run fine of email. my problem is email.others thing is no proble. thanks dongfang china

Sorry. I havn’t set up e-mail from CP yet. I was reffering to how HotCopy handles the e-mail profile in windows. //Lars

I have been trying to get my environment going for months and running into one problem after another. After solving the synchronization problem between commerce portal and NAS, I have now run into the NAS not sending the email notificatoins to the user. I have made sure I used the same domain\user account to setup the outlook express as my NAS is using. For the first time, I saw bunch of emails queued up in the Status area which I was able to send by right clicking and choosing process manually. Now, they do not even end up in the queue. I noticed that when I stop the NAS and restart. I see all these emails in the outbox of outlook express that start to leave one by one as soon as launch outlook express. Any insight? Jamal

the NAS not sending the email to the user. i could not send password to user. it show the error in the email queue. if i send it by manully ,it is no password. how to do it? thanks Dong Fang

thanks everybody

Did You get the mail up and running from CP John? I’ve been working with this now and think I have the same problem. I have W2k with Outlook 2000. When I log on as the same user that is used to start the NAS service, I have no problem running Outlook and sending mail. But when NAS tries to send the mails, nothing happens. I can also resend an e-mail manually that is stuck in the que as long as I have Outlook running in the backgroud. Otherwise I get an login error. If I try to resprocess (and let NAS take care of sending) the message ends up in the que again. Obviously this because the service doesn’t allready have an active outlook session and gets the same error as when I try to resend manually without having Outlook started. Anybody who has any idea about how to solve this? //Lars

Most important: your server running the NAS has to have a local or domain PROFILE defined which has access to a mail session using (at least) mapi, preferable Exchange server. The easiest way to do this: Create a user in your domain (ie: ADM_NAS) with administrator priv’s (don’t worry, we’ll downgrade it in a minute). Now login LOCAL (at the console) on the NAS server using this user name and start an email program (preferably outlook to exchange, but we dit some pretty exotic other systems too…). After this (and possibly some MSB wizards) you will have a working profile defined for this user in your current SECURITY CONTEXT (an important concept!). Check if you can send and receive mail using this user (and associated address). As you are an administrator, complete the work by going to the service applet (or management console if in 200x). Choose the correct NAS service and set the Login Account property from system to the user name you just defined. It usually defaults to system, but the system account can not ever start a mapi session (old interesting windows NT 3.1 problem actually, has to do with multithreading and other scary things). Almost done, now it is time to look at user rights. If your NAS is only doing CP, it does not need any file or other access. Make it an ordinary domain user without any share access. Even better: If you use a single server to do everything, it is possible to make it a local user instead of a domain user. Just keep in mind: the NAS will run in the SECURITY CONTEXT of the user, so it can (and cannot) do everything you can do if you log on as that user. Including: SQL Server, file access etc. Talk to your network manager, talk about a user called NAS. This should work, drop me a mail if you have any questions

Thanks. I’ll give it a try as soon as possible. //Lars

In my case, I am using the navision ID to logon the service with admin rights. Everything else works except the email. I have exactly the same setup for my test environment and all works. Any other suggestions?? Jamal

saleh, Have you been able to solve your email problem?? me too, I am having the same problem ie when I restart my NAS, I see all the mails in the outbox of outlook express. Also navision keeps all the mails in a queue and send it every time I restart the NAS even though some of them have been previously sent. Can anyone tell me what’s the problem??? Thanks

So if anybody has solved problem with emails, please drop a line how to set it up [8)] Thank you

The eamiling is driving me crazy… Everything is configured correctly but…it does not send the emails out, they are lost in space somewhere…untill i restart the NAS, and open the Outlook Express client, THEN the all the emails wilL come into the Outbox…Gaaaaa! Funny as it seems it was emailing perfectly for a couple of weeks, At that time I did everything with 1 nas, when i setup a second one to handle the emailing the problem arised…

Just to let you all know, My problem was due to setup in Outlook Express… If you use Outlook Express change the setting in the security options from the ‘Restricted’ zone to the ‘Internet’ zone and un-tick the ‘Warn me.’ Checkbox. The like a miracle from heaven the thing start to run…