Commerce Portal Demo Site

hi i have been able to install all the necessary components of the commerce portal but when i try to view the demo site then the following thing appears: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error ‘80040e37’ Invalid object name ‘COMMERCE_WEBSITE’. /CommercePortal/global.asa, line 657 Now there are two things: 1. first of all, there is no Commerce_website table in the sql database for the commerce portal.Even though i run synchronization time and again 2. if i save the global.asa file(after opening it in frontpage) and then again try to view the site it says:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error ‘80040e37’

Invalid object name ‘COMMERCE_WEBSITE’.

/CommercePortal/global.asa, line 657 the path in my iis default website directory is same as in the asp file folder in Navision can you plz help [V] its very very urgent [B)] thanks [8D] rohit

Hello Rohit I have done quite some CP installations and have seen a load of errors. The best thing that I can advise you and gave me a lot of different (usually better) results is doing the following: Undo the complete installation. (i know… not funny) Start the installation again. Make sure to reboot after each component installation. Follow the exact steps in the installation guide. The most problems that I encountered and were like the one you described and were usually due to the incorrect order of installation. Especially the installation of the .NET framework can cause trouble. You should make sure that it is installed as the first thing. Also be very sure to check the settings of IIS, and that Frontpage extensions are switched off and that ASP is turned on. I bet the result will be different (probably better!) than it is now. And another advice: I you haven’t done so earlier, try to do an installation first on a clean Virtual PC image. Just to make sure that you follow the correct steps. If that works, than the problem is in the Windows Server/SQL server and will probable be found in one of the settings of IIS. Good luck! Mike.