commerce portal db synchronization seem not work!

Hi All! I have installed the Commerce Portal Web Integration components, and unpacked its pup file. Now, as the manual says, I can syncronize the demo database. I have honestly “read the FM”. Can anybody understand what it says about this procedure? (see quote below). Do I have to only start the synchronization service? If so, it does not work! (I have an installation of SQL Server 2K SP1 for Commerce Server 2K SP1 and NA 3.10 Application Server working over Navision Server). This is all what the “FM” says about that: “You must perform a full synchronization of the demo database with Navision Application Server running. A full synchronization of the demo database involves around 7,000 messages. When Navision Attain has completed the synchronization, the synchronization service takes over and starts to process the messages. If the synchronization service is not running, you must start it from Services in the Computer Management window. Once the synchronization service has processed the messages, check your SQL database to see whether tables with the name format COMMERCE_ have been created. Two other – very important – tables should also have been created, ncpcatalog_catalogproduct and UserObjects. If these two tables have been created and contain data, then the synchronization has been successful.” The synchronization service seems to do nothing with my SQL database, so, what should I do, or where should I look to address this situation? BTW, the tables “NCP Catalog Products” and “UserObject” already reside in my database at the beginning. I would like to look into the manual creator’s eyes…

Maybe you have to do a manual (forced) synchronization for the first time. In Attain go to Commerce Portal, Periodic Activities and Synchronization… select all tables (remove the check on “table creation” for table Contacts, which already exists) and force the synchronization. Pay attention that all of the services (ms and navision) must be up. Hope it helps … Walt

Still no effect… I did what you say from a client connected to the local Navision Server. All services were up but I see no change in the SQL database…

Hi, maybe you can go to the “Message Queuing” (Computer Manater → Service and Application → Message Queuing → Private Queues), force again the synchronization and take a look at the errormq queue, where the navision synchronizations errors are reported … bye

Hi, Walt No, I can’t see any messages you write about. There are no messages at all in any mq

I think you should enable the journal on the queues (right mouse, properties, journak check) so the messages that pass through the queues are saved and you can take a look … bye

Hi, The journal is enabled, and Navision does something while “synchronizing”, but I dont see any messages