Commerce Portal and Netscape Browser

Does anyone know of any compatibility problems between a web site built on Commerce Portal (Attain 3.10) and Netscape Navigator as a client browser? There is no problem with Internet Explorer. But with Netscape 4.x, the web site doesn’t display anything. Or if someone knows any URL that’s built by Commerce Portal, please …please post them here. I need a few web sites to test with Netscape browser. Thanks indeed.

From the training resources cd: ----snip---- Install Componens for Commerce Portal 1. Windows 2000 Server + SP2 + IE 5.5 SP2 ----snip---- I think you will not have any good results if you try to connect with the Netscape browser. Sawadee krap Walter

Thanks Walter. But does the required component for Commerce Portal’s installation really determines what browsers can see the web site? I haven’t tested it using other browsers like Opera but from what you said, it seems like you’re saying that IE is the only one.

I think that MSIE is only required for Bizdesk (part of commerce server) which is not necessary. I am using mozilla 1.2.1 without any problems.

Just tested the Commerce Portal web site with Opera (6.05) successfully. But still very much wonder why Netscape 4.x cannot view Commerce Portal web site while it can view Web Shop web site. Is there any specific additional requirement in Commerce Portal that Netscape 4.x doesn’t support?

Thanks Jarda. I also just tested with Netscape 7 and was able to see the web site. I think the updated engine in Netscape and Mozilla make them compatible with the Commerce Portal site. But still not Netscape 4.x.