Commerce Portal 2.65 Installation Problems

Hi everybody! I have encountered problems installing CP 2.65. My configuration is as follows (in order of installation): - Win 2000 Server SP2 (English) - MS SQL Server 2000 + OLAP - MS Commerce Server 2000 (120-day Evaluation Version, accordingly, w/o SP1) - IExplore 5.5 SP1 - Navision Financials Server 2.65 - Navision Application Server 2.65 - Navision Financials Client - Navision Commerce Portal W1 2.65 The problem is that all the abovementioned products have been “installed successfully”, however, the services of NAS for Navision Financials Server and for SQL Server don’t start (either automatically at startup nor manually). Error message “incorrect function” appears when starting these. What may be the cause? Is it likely that the order of installation could affect the situation? Thanks in advance

Hi there U must install XMLparser3,0 AND MS message queeing for W2k

The problem is that you did not specify startup parameter. You may enter whatever you wish, it is handeled in the codeunit 1 in function NASTrigger. Then the service will start. Andrej Renko Adacta d.o.o.