Commerce Gateway NL3.70 and Biztalk 2002SP1

I’m having difficulties to “Creating Company on Biztalk Server” with a NL3.70 client. I’ve made a new serverinstallation with all the appropriate SevicePacks from Windows2000 an Biztalk2002. Installed all appropriate Navision components on a Workstation and on the Server. As stated, the function Orginazation.create() in codeunit99008510 “ReturnCode := Organizations.Create(PartnerName,COMPANYNAME,OrgID);” simply hangs the Navision Application. Looking at the server in the Taskmanager, there isn’t even a small spike in the performance CPU-usage. So, I expect that there isn’t any communication between the Commerce Gateway component on the Client and the Biztalk Server. We have quite some experience with Navision NL2.65 and NL3.60 running with Commerce Gateway and Biztalk 2000,2002, but version NL3.70 seems to have some “properties” of it’s own. Can anyone help me out,[V]

Sometimes the answer is stupid simple. I’ve added Navision Hotfix 9 and 17 for Commerce Gateway on the serverinstallation and it worked.