Commerce Gateway Install on Win Server 2003

Hallo, I would try to install the Commerce Gateway Request Server (CGRS) for Attain 3.60 on a Windows 2003 Server. When the setup application launchs the install process it is immediatli interrupted by the error message, that CGRS can be installed only on a Win 2000 Server plattform. Is there any way to install the CGRS on Win 2003 or is there a newer version of the CGRS that can be used with Attain 3.60? Thanks in advance Lukas

Hi Lukas, If you look under the development forum, there is a post regarding which application that are not supported on Win Server 2003. Unfortunately Commerce Gateway is one of them.

Yes, Christina has right. Navision commerce gateway 3.70 is not supported right now. But you can bet it will be in the near future. It seems Navision plan to develop on a update.