Commerce Gateway 4.00

Hallo, I have installed BizTalk Server 2002 and the Commerce Gateway 4.00, when I try to create the company on BizTalk Server from my Navision Application (4.00) in the form “BizTalk Management Setup” so the procedure returns allways with the message “An unkown error has occurred”. When I debug the procedure, so the call to the commerce gateway request client will return with a value of 100. I think the problem is properly in the Commerce Gateway Request Server, because BizTalk Server is functioning very well without any problems. All the my servers are running under a windows 2000 server SP4: SQL-Server 2000 SP3 BizTalk Server 2002 (Developer Edition) Commerce Gateway Request Server 4.00 Navision Application Server 4.00 Can anybody help me, thanks in advance Lukas