Comments on the project?

I would like to insert in a x++ code a comment which contains the name of the current project and the name of the group where the current object is. For example : If I’m working on a class (MyClass.MyFuntion) which is in the project (MyProject) and in the the group (MyGroup) when i add a comment throught script (Right-click Script/Comments/InsertHeader), it should print void MyFunction() { // MyProject MyGroup } Thanks a lot. Mathieu

Hi,[:)] I can give you some guidelines: to insert strings in the code using the editor you can use editorscripts and templates; look at classes EditorScripts and XPPSource. To access a projectdefinition look at the projectnode class ProjectNode projectNode,father; ; projectNode=infolog.projectNode(); projectnode=projectNode.findchild(“Project1”); father=projectnode.getrunnode(); success! Maurice Ars, Pulse Automation Experts bv (NL)