Comments/extended text on journal entries

I am working in version 3.10A. I think it should be standard to add text to a journal entry to indicate what the journal is for. We like the insert extended text functionality and the ability to just type text in the lines for purchase/sales quotes, orders, invoices… but what about for journals? Also, how do we add a general description/comment to apply to the entire journal entry?

Hi Grace, unfortunately this is not possible in G/L journal entry. There isn’t even a facility to add comments and notes as in other modules. I guess the reason is that you are introducing 90% of GL entries via the subledgers and only post adjustments directly in GL. [V] Nevertheless, it should be no problem for your NSC to add the “Comments” functionality to G/L entries or whole journals, it’s either creating 2 new tables for GL comments or modifying an existing one from the subledgers. Saludos Nils

Thank you Nils. We decided it was sufficient to modify the description field for the GL account; however, after posting, we find we are unable to make further changes to the ledger entry field - Description. I am aware that we really don’t want to allow changes to posted entries but the description field? Am I missing something?

Hi Grace, this is one of the returning topics with a lot of customers, to be able to change certain fields of posted data but in fact, once posted you cannot change anything… as far as I know this is related to IAS, and the requirement not to be able to change anyting in posted data. You do not miss out anything there. Therefore the “Comments” would be a more appropriate solution because these comments would be an independent table, e.g. you cannot change a posted invoice but you can edit the related comments. Saludos Nils

If you look at the Apply Customer Entries Form (232) and the Cust. Entry-Edit Codeunit (103), you will see you are actually editing the Customer Ledger table. Using the codeunit actually controls the fields that are updated as well as the table security. It may be dangerous to allow the user to change the posted descriptions, but in base Navision, these are pretty much useless anyways as they default to the account name. Personally, I prefer the additional Comments via a seperate table (You could even use the existing comments tables if you needed). This keeps people away from the Posted Entries and also allows an unlimited amount of text to be attached to the entry. This method also seems to follow closest to the Navision model. Chris.