Command references

Hi, Is there a command reference available of Navision 3.7 ? What I exactly mean is the following : as u all speak of SET.“COMMAND” in other posts, I can see that those are certain programming commands, just like ‘DIR’ and ‘COPY’ in DOS-language. So, if there’s a reference I would like a copy of it (only if its free or share[:D]ware… I will be a user very soon (not a moderator or programmer) but when I have the knowledge of the commands I surely better can understand why certain modules have been developed like they are now AND I can think with our software supplier to gain a solution when some module r part of a module is not working the way we would like it. I hope someone can give me a hint [;)] TX in advance

have a look here:

just get the developers guide off the navision cd

Or if you already have access to a Navision client installation, go to menu “Help”->“C/SIDE Reference Guide”.