Comma in OptionString

Hi, is there any way to use comma in OptionString Value ? f.e. … WITH … DO CASE “My Option String” OF “My Option String”::“Option1”; “My Option String”::“Option2”; “My Option String”::“Option1, or Option2”; END; Thanx.

Hi! So, what you want is, that the third CASE-Option is allways triggred? If option1 then CASE 1 and 3, if option2 then CASE 2 and 3? This is not possible … therefore I suggest to use the IN statement:IF MyOption IN [MyOption::1, MyOption::2] THEN ... Regards, Jörg

Hi Joerg, that example could be mislead. What I asked is if there is any way use comma in OptionString value. Value of OptionString property of my example will be “Option1,Option2,Option1,or Option2”. And this is error, because there will be 4 options - “Option1”,“Option2”,“Option1” and “or Option2”. I would like only 3 where 3rd will be …::“Option1,or Option2”. The question is: “How (if possible) can I use comma INSIDE OptionsString value ?”

Just use Option1,Option2,Both or Option1,Option2,Option1 and Option2 ? you yould define the string with the , in the third opt, but the strmenu uses the , to divide the parts of the option, so why running through the wall?

Hi Rene, You didn’t understand what I ask. I asked if there is any way to avoid Navision divide OptionString (maybe with some special char, or …) That example outght to be mislead, i try another one: CASE Answer OF Answer::“Yes, I want that”:; Answer::“No, I don’t want that”:; END; OptionString property will be: “Yes, I want that,No, I don’t want that”, but Navision divide it into 4 values: 1. Yes, 2. I want that, 3. No, 4. I don’t want that. And finally, let’s tell ‘’ char will be that character which avoid Navision divide OptionString and it could be “Yes, I want that,No, I don’t want that”, but ‘’ is not solution (it was just construction) and i asked if there is any way to USE COMMA IN OPTION VALUE.

so the answer is clear and easy: NO. Use ; or something similar as an replacement.