comilation necessary after client installation ?

Hi. I installed Axapta Application, AOS and a Client on the server allright. When I opened up the client for the first time I was taken through the process of compilation, sychronizing stuff etc. I just installed an Axapta Client on a client PC. When I open it up I am asked to compile and synchronize stuff again… What does that mean? Is it safe to do so? Does it compile stuff on the client PC or on the server if I do so? Nils

hi, yes compile it on the client machine. Follow the check list. i hope you will get the correct answer shortly, as i dont know the exact reason, i too did the same excercise for 6 times. I am also eager to know the technical reason behind it regards vaibhav pednekar

Compilation is not an absolute neccesity. Which version you are trying and have you applied service packs as well on the clients. Regards, Anuj

I installed version 3.0, both application and client. I did apply service pack 1 to the application (after which I was asked to compile and synchronize stuff again) I did not apply the service pack to the client. I see that I can close the “compilation-synchronizing checklist” and use the client allright. But each time I restart the client I get that nagging checklist again. Do you know a way to get rid of it other than working your way through it?

Pl go to administration/setup/system/check lists and run prevent start up of lists. The startup check list will not run. Regards, Anuj

Hello. There are times when you can avoid running the compilation and times that you can’t. When you first install Axapta 3.0 (no service packs) you can avoid this. However, when you install SP1 the option will insist on running the compilation. I haven’t tried what Kumar just posted; however, from my experience you definitely want to do a full compilation after installing a service pack. /Michael