combobox or stringedit


I m having a table which is having a field of type String. I wanna get that field inside a combo box or StringEdit in a form so that user can select a particular record. How can i do that… Pls explain in detail.


did you meen that you want to show this table info in another form.

so User can choose value from drop down and he can see id and name from this table ?

Do you mean giving a lookup the field and showing the field values.

If so create an EDT with relation or override the lookup method…

I would create and EDT with a relation to the field in the other table as Kranthi mentioned. If it is a special lookup then I would override the lookup method.

I have written code inside lookup() method. But still that StringEdit is empty… Also can i filter that lookup according to some values in that table.?

It might be a problem with your code - see into InventTable Table - lookupBOMItemId method more help

You can do it by using QueryBuildRange…