Combine two dataports into one.


Can i use two tables for data port to import stock item into item table and Non stock item into NonStock table. using one data port

If the qunaity is zero then save item into nonstock item. but how.

Second, in pervious software use stock code, and alt code, i try to import alt code into item no field but , some alt code is missing due to data purged, how can i insert item number series

into item no field of missing alt code items.




I suggest with new topics like this you load a new post - this will mean more people will view it as they tend not to read lengthy in discussion posts like this.

I would suggest two dataports and a manipulation of the data to create two files. I would however question the use of non-stock items, the concept does not really exist in Navision, as the moment you use it you have to create it as an item.

For the item number field I would suggest you ignore a number series and sort the data out prior to import, it is much easier.