Combine the data of 2 tables

I want to combine the data of 2 tables and store it in another table. How to do?

Combine means addition or concatination?

Can you explain more clearly?

Why do you need to store the same data in two different tables? That’s the whole point of a well designed database, the data is only where it needs to be, not duplicated all over the place.

I want to use it to concatenate and display in one form.

If your data does not to be filtered base your form on the most important table, then use a global variable to retrieve the related records and display them.

You could also create a new table with your fields and base your form on that. Use the table as a temporary table and only build it when that form is displayed. I don’t know what version of NAV you are using but in the later versions it is fairly easy to base a form on a temporary table.

Yes, You can add the important or main table in form and use as a recordset using the another data or you can take temporary table and add the details of both table in the temp. table and use at the run time of form