Combine Shipments / Batch Post Sales Orders

For a client I’ve created a function to first combine selected shipments and then use the Batch Post Sales Orders report to create a single invoice. The problem is when I make the shipments, then the systems automatically chanes the Order Status to Released and when I make the invoices then it updates the dates and currency and here the Status must be Open. When and where is the right “time or place” to change the status to open and reclose it?

Hi Erik. I think I’ve ran into the same thing once. If You change posting date manually on the Sales Order after posting the shipment then You have no problem. Thats beacause You have this statement in the OnValidate Trigger on the field Posting Date: IF CurrFieldNo <> FIELDNO(“Posting Date”) THEN --TESTFIELD(Status,Status::Open); If You change this to this: IF (CurrFieldNo <> FIELDNO(“Posting Date”)) AND (CurrFieldNo <> 0) THEN --TESTFIELD(Status,Status::Open); …then You should be Home Free. Hope that was Your problem… //Lars