combine same prod order item components into one


In Released Prod Order, against each released production order line (finished good) related components can be looked in the Production Journal as Consumption. Here in this Production Journal ‘Consumption Quantity’ can be changed and the Production Journal can be posted. and when we view the production journal next time system will show the remaining consumption quantity if at all there is any to be consumed.

And the above procedure happens line by line. (meaning for each production order line)

supposing if a Released Production Order has more than 2 Finished Good to be produced and supposing there is at least 1 raw material (component) common in both the finished goods.

the customer wants the components to be shown based on Production order (combining the quantity of the same item used in all the lines) rather than based on each item (finished good)


Finished Good 1952-W OSLO Storage Unit/Shelf
Raw Materials/ Components
70000 Side Panel tes
70001 Base
70002 Top Panel
Finished Good 1928-W ST.MORITZ Storage Unit/Drawers
Raw Materials/ Components
70000 Side Panel tes
70001 Base

as shown above i use these 2 finished goods, create released production order and after the ‘calc. consumption’ report is run the consumption journal should show one line for raw materials / components 70000 and 70001.

with regard to this i wanted to know if this combining functionality is already available in navision?



I am afraid this funcitonality does not exist in Navision, it would need to be modified to do this. The issue is that the production journal is written from the parent item from the BOM - it is not intelligent enough to know that the two items are the same it simply loads them from the BOM. There are other potenital issues here depending upon serial/lotted information or your costing - by combining the two you lose traceability and cost accuracy.

Why do you need to manually consume these items? Can I assume they are high volume small value? If so forward or backward flush the items, then they are never seen!