Hi all, found this forum by Google so let’s start with stupid question…

I’m trying to create BOM with Item under it which has 3 different colors in AX2009.


|_ Item (Black/Blue/Yellow)

Active Dimension Group’s Item Dimensions:

  • BOM: Configuration
  • Item: Color

How can I link the 2 Items so that when I use for example Black Item the system would change the Configuration of the BOM into Black? No additional rules are needed.

I could of course use BOM dimension color but still I think I’ll have to link these items somehow… [:|]

Have a look here,

You use the configuration only. You add the colours, then from the setup button on the item you look at the configurations and on teh configuration tab you create a relationship between a configuration group and an item record. Then in the BOM you list all colours and assign each line a configuration group. Then when the works order is loaded with a confiiguration the BOM flexes.

So do I have to use configuration in BOM item and color for Item dimension? Edit: do I have to use configuration also in sub item’s dimensions?

Could you specify this more precise? For which Item should I do what in which form?

The configuration dimension is the ONLY dimension as standard that impacts on the BOM, so you use this. Ignore the colour dimension, the configuration of your item is the colour.

I suggest you read the referenced link and the manual on these topics, then try it and come back with a question on how to set it up when you have tried to understand it.

I know I’m asking stupid questions [:$], sorry about that…

So first step would be to activate Configuration in Dimension Group of both of the Items (BOM Item & (sub)Item), and the Color dimension is not needed at all. Then I should define the configurations (=in this case Black&Blue&Yellow) for these items behind the Setup tab in Item Form and then connect these in which form?

And all of the combinations of the sub Item are listed under the BOM in their own line.

Hopefully I’m close to solving this puzzle… [B]

Only define the configuration on the parent item - unless you want to define the characteristics on the sub-items because they are also manufacturered? Lets assume not. I am also assuming there is an item record for each colour in the BOM.

Define against the parent the configrations as Black, Blue and Yellow. On the configuration tab create a configuration group called the same as the configuration dimension (for ease it is not mandatory) and then define the item in the BOM that relates to the colour.

In the BOM create the lines and when you get to the colour items define them with an appropriate configuration group.