COM Connector

We have had Axapta for 2 years now and is still having problems with the Business Connector in order to run the Enterprise Portal (customer role). We are on Axapta 3.0 SP3. Is there anyone who has succeeded in setting up EP? Any tips or trick?

Hi Tina, Can you elaborate more on the problems that you are facing with BC please. Also have you searched in Technet with keywords - “enterprise portal” yet. There are quite a few articles over there. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi Harish Mohanbabu We have had done som programming so that the description of the failure message is not shown, but the connection shuts down and pictures who is added in Axapta (also all standard pictures as arrows, symbols etc) is not shown. That is files from the ressource library. I do know the problem description is poor, I was just wondering if anyone uses the Enterprise Portal successfully … We have had 4 different Partners trying to solve the problem but no one succeeded so far. My guess is that it is the setup of the Business Connector that is not correct. Tina

Maybe it’s a problem with permissions on the files containing the pictures ? Doesn’t the event viewer give you any errors ?

The failure message (frontend) is: Error Type: AxaptaCOMConnector.Axapta.1 (0x80042041) Fejl under afvikling af kode: objekt er ikke initialiseret. Stakspor: \Classes<unknown>\getData \Classes\SysResource\getResourceNodeData - line 13 \Classes\WebApplication\setStylesheet - line 27 \Classes\WebApplication\Show - line 92 /WebShop/Default.Asp, line 21 As not even Microsoft is able to help we’ve decided to drop the Enterprise Portal and have invested in another solution …

Hello, I have set up a few installations for demonstation of EP. And EP has worked just fine (ver 2.5 and forward). From what i see in your error message, my guess is that the problem is not related to the Business Connector, but som code error in Axapta. Well, that’s my guess. I hope that you can get it to work. /Peter Karlsson