COM connector failed every time after 1h25m.


I have made at WinService (C# ) that connectes to Axapta via Ax 3.0 COM connector every 20 sec. (Create instance, Logon, Logoff, Dispose COM from memory). After about 1h25m (every time - about 360 calls) the connector crash with this DrWatson error and my WinService is shut down:

“The error occurred on 04/16/2008 @ 16:19:40.385 The exception generated was 80000007 at address 00000000 (ntdll!KiFastSystemCallRet)”

And before abow, the COM Connector fails with:

"“Axapta COM Connector Session 40. Exception 0xc0000005 occured in thread 0x6554 handling session 40.”

Can someone explain to me why the COM connector runs fine for a periode and then crashes at the same time every time? Maybe it is my code that does it or is there another explaination?


Hi Janus,

The first message looks like it is not from Ax - rather C# or IIS.

In any case, what version of SP are you running? Do you have any KR installed?