COM Business Connector in AX 2009

Hi, I am currently using AX 3.0 and plan to move to AX 5.0 in few month time. I have a web ordering system written in Lotus Domino apps and would like to continue using it in AX 5.0.

While doing testing I able to install COM BC in AX 5.0 and get the AXComm.Dll, but I cannot find Navision Axapta Business Connector in Component Service. Did I installed the COM BC correctly? tq

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Hi Chie,

Please note - COM business connector (BC) will not be supported in future business release. They are in Ax 2009 only for backward compatibility.

Also .NET BC is multi-threaded while COM BC is not. Therefore I would highly recommend to start using .NET BC.

You can read all about both BCs here including installation, examples etc.


Hi Harish, Thanks for the advise, I did know that future AX not support COM BC. But I don’t have the resource (time and knowledge) to built a new apps using .NET BC, so I am looking at using the current developed apps (is a web apps) and rebuilt it in .NET BC later. So I still need to get my current apps work in AX 2009 using COM BC. Unless I can prove to my company that the current apps no longer work in AX 2009. My current apps using user Id and password to login, can I still use user ID and password to login in AX 2009? Regards.

Hi Chie,

Yes - you can. A small code example here -


Hi Harish,

Too bad my current web apps is written in Lotus Domino using Java, no C# support.



I have the same problem:

  • I am currently using AX 3.0 and plan to move to AX 2009 in few month

  • I have some applications connected to AX 3.0 via COM business connector that should also run with AX 2009, but at the moment I don’t have the ressources to change them to use .NET BC

I are able to install the COM BC and get the AXCom.dll. But how can I get Axapta Business Connector object in Component Service? How have you solved the problem? I can’t find any description for this. Am I doing something wrong?